3 Small Tips to Become a Big Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tips for beginnersWhen you are planning to start your career as a wedding photographer, it’s natural that you need some help though you know very well how to handle camera, which the highest quality gear is, which angles to emphasize on, which light conditions to seek and many such photography-related things. However, a wedding is a different event altogether. You have to deal with a lot of people, apart from bride, although the main person you are concerned with is the bride. Here are some essential tips to remember if you are shooting one of your first weddings.

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Mitzvah Photography – Things You Should Know

mitzvah photoParents spend days preparing for their children’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah because they want everything about it to be perfect. Family and relatives often travel from great distances and make arrangements to attend this important event. Obviously, it is a big day and everyone wants to remember the joy, the laughter and the celebration for years to come. I’ve asked the best Bar Bat Mitzvah Photographers North Virginia has to offer to give me more information and tips on Mitzvah photography. Here’s what I have found out! Read more »

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4 Professional Photography Tips to Make Your Life and Work Easy

2 newbornsWhether you are doing photography since many years or are an upcoming photographer with much more to learn still in photography, there are several tips and tricks you can incorporate in your workflow to make your job easy and pleasurable, maybe in terms of capturing a better image, making the most of your gear or understanding your client’s needs. Professional photographer at Samantha Elliston Photography shares here tips for aspiring as well as pro photographers that can make their professional life easy.

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Aerial Photography – Things You Should Know

Drones can take breathtaking photographs and videos, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see more and more people wanting aerial photography on their weddings or other important events. We’ve asked professionals from Global Video HQ to tell us more about aerial photography, its advantages and things to keep in mind when considering spending some extra money to have a drone capturing your event.  Read more »

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Newborn Photography Tips Shared by an Internationally Known Photographer

newborn photography Alisa MurrayWhile newborn photography may be a sheer joy, it may pose some challenges at the same time. Here are some newborn photography tips shared by the professional photographer Alisa Murray at Alisa Murray Photography that will be of tremendous help to you.

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KYMA – A Place to Meet Talented Photographers from Around the World

KYMA profileAre you in search of a great photographer and are wondering how to get one? You may be a bride-to-be or a businessperson who wants to do a photo shoot of her/his product/s, meetings, conferences or any other event or a property dealer who wants her/his property’s photos captured excellently; every creative and professional individual is in need of a good photographer some or the other time. So, should the process of finding a good one be so difficult? Not at all! With KYMA, you can find a photographer just of your choice from wherever in the world! The other way around is that, professional photographers can sign up on KYMA so as to be accessible to clients from all over the world and get more and more jobs.

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6 Great Tips for Amazing Portrait Photography

portrait photography tipsPortrait photography can be amazing yet equally challenging. Like any other field of photography, portrait photography too needs great knowledge, a bit of experience and lots of practice. If you want to specialize in portrait photography, read the following tips shared with us by the talented photographer at Jeremy Rill Photography.

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4 Awesome Tips to Capture the Best Surf Prints

life in colorHuge ocean waves make us hold our breath and if a surfer is beautifully maneuvering on them, the scene is unforgettable. For a photographer, this is one of the best inspirations for photography. You will be truly wowed with this fact if you see the Surf Prints taken by Brent Bielmann on BrentBielmann.com. If you are inspired by these photos to take excellent surfing photos, here are some tips for you.

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