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Commercial Photography – General Info

Posted by on January 8, 2012

Commercial photography is very broad photography field and it involves taking photographs for any commercial use, such as product placement, advertising, merchandising etc. The term represents photographic work with commercial purpose, such as corporate publications, restaurant and bar menus, brochures, magazine advertising. Generally speaking, commercial photography involves photographer who takes photographs of something a client wants to promote or sell. This popular field of photography can be very tempting for many photographers, whether they are traditional or alternative ones.

For selling the products, there are two different approaches in commercial photography- product commercial photography and advertising commercial photography. The first one reveals the feel or the detail of the certain product or product lines, while the latter focuses upon the attraction and the status of that product. Commercial photography is useful in promoting business or, for example, food menus in restaurants. In specialized magazine for cooking, there are usually commercial photographs focusing upon the food or the feel and the mood of a venue.

Perhaps the best known and the most popular commercial photography type is fashion photography. There is a wide range of techniques and styles used in this photography type, from editorial shots capturing the use of clothes in dynamic and unusual surrounding, to catalogue photos capturing the entire clothing detail. Ryuji Suzuki is Boston commercial fashion photographer influenced by 1960s pop culture and with his minimalist approach, he amplifies the key message with artfully configured elements. Like mentioned above, the beauty and the charm of the commercial photography is the fact that photographers can use and show all their talents and interests.