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Hiring Golf Photographers

Posted by on April 30, 2013

golf photographyBeing a golf photographer is a very specialist subject. You not only have to be fit enough to follow the golfers round the course but you need the equipment and skill to catch perfect action shots. Sports photography requires a good eye for composition, and golf photographers are no exception. The action may not be as fast moving as football or motor racing, but professional golf photographers need to know where to be on the course so they can take compelling photographs.

Professional golf photographers have to perfect their art to get the best paid work. It may sound glamorous flying off to exotic locations to do shoots, but you will have to put in the groundwork to ensure your portfolio stands out from the competition. As sports photographers generally work on commission it will be important for you to get your name known in the appropriate circles. Having a reputation for being reliable and being able to work to deadlines will be important.

There are many golf courses and big tournaments around the world with a dedicated following. You will need to make yourself known to event managers and corporations to photograph these events professionally. Many golf photographers start at club level, making themselves available for local events, before graduating to bigger events. To begin with you may need to take stock photography for image libraries used by magazines, websites and marketers. Although this may not seem too exciting, this will be important to your development as a photographer and career as a whole. If this is the case, you must ensure you get the credit for your photography, ensuring your name as a golf photographer becomes known. If your work starts to develop a good reputation, you will undoubtedly receive more demand.

Businesses hosting corporate events often need photographers to take photographs for special occasions. PR functions, product launches or business meetings between clients and salesmen can include a game of golf. Having a golf photographer on hand can be useful for marketing purposes.

Reasons corporations may choose to hold an event on a golf course vary, but can range from the fact that golf courses often offer spectacular views to exclusive nature of the sport itself. Of course, not all golf courses are glamorous, however therein lies the challenge; a good golf photographer can make them look appealing. With the advances in technology, photographs can be uploaded to the internet quickly and easily. They will then be accessible to iPads, smartphones and other mobile gadgets, as well as traditional desktop computers.

Being a golf photographer may not all be glamour and travel. However, it can lead to some interesting work and you may even get to meet some big name in golfing circles. Making effect use of technology, quality equipment and natural skill will help you stand out. Nothing comes easy, so stick at it and continue to build your portfolio and as you develop your portfolio, your name may become more widely known, and ultimately you may be asked to cover more events.