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Awesome Photo Ideas for Your T-shirts

Posted by on November 2, 2013

pet and kid2Being an amateur photographer or having a liking for good photos is a great hobby. And instead of locking such nice photos in an album in some corner of your cupboard, you can today display them in a number of ways. T-shirt printing with photographs is one such awesome way. Though you might have come across of hundreds and thousands of t-shirt design ideas, printing your favorite photos on your t-shirt is always unique. Moreover, it is never obsolete.  Here are some such ideas.

Your Dear Pet

Your pet is your closest friend! Though s/he doesn’t talk, s/he shares all your joys and sorrows and wishes just to be near you. Printing his/her photo on your t-shirt is a great way to pay tribute to your true friend. TEMPLATES INTERNAL USE ONLYTEMPLATES INTERNAL USE ONLYTEMPLATES INTERNAL USE ONLY

Your Dear Kid

Printing baby photos on tees or anywhere or having them in your drawing rooms is the commonest idea – but it is never stale! Kids are the oldest yet the freshest and coolest photography objects. Get your baby’s photos on your tees this season who are only yours!


Your Pet and Your Baby

Why not have photos of both your beloveds on your tee? It’s great to have two beautiful persons in your life displayed on your heart showing your love towards them.

pet and kid


Smoking is injurious to health – but guys love smoking gals! Have such bold, black-n-white photos of smoking girls on your tees – they might have been taken by you or by someone else!

smoking gal 1smoking gal 2

Your Dear Celeb All Over Your Tee

Whether you have your beloved person on your tee in form of a single photo or several of them all over your tee – they show your passion. I came across this awesome idea of printing photos of your favorite celeb all over your t-shirt and loved it at once. Here it’s Betsey Johnson, just fabulous as always!



Like babies, Nature too is fresh always! Get superb photos of Nature on your tee and make a statement. These are some awesome ideas by Claire Knebl which I found on



Which event you consider the most important in your life? Do you want to flaunt its photos? What can be a greater way to do so than to flaunt them on your tee? Look at these racing photos I found on – if you have such perfect photos, flaunt them on your tee this season.