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Can Aerial & Fashion Photography be Combined? Yes!

Posted by on September 10, 2013

sanddunes and sweaterHere’s a trigger for your creativity – combining beautiful landscapes and fashion fabrics! Getting something? Is it possible? You may think ‘no’ at first – but look at some stunning photos created by Joseph Ford and you will say ‘yes’! This is real use of imagination which an artist can do – combining sand dunes with wrinkles of a sweater, rooftops with check-pattern of a shirt or blue-green ocean with a denim jerkin – you can combine anything to create fabulous photos.

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Brighton-based Joseph Ford has combined numerous superb aerial photography masterpieces during an advertising photo session in Sicily, Morocco and Mauritius with stylist Mario Faundez and art director Stephanie Buisseret for Paris fashion magazine WAD. Later the trio achieved great blends of fabric, color and light to produce picture perfect shift from photo to photo.

The series of merged images was nominated for UK’s Association of Photographers Award and earned an Honorable Mention in International Photography Awards.

Later Ford also created another series of same vein with stylist Almut Vogel of Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin. In addition to the job done with the help of expert pilots for the aerial images, the photos also include several hours and days spent in the studio photo sessions which created fine details, e.g. as many as 12 hours on a single photo to obtain such superb overlaps.

Enjoy the images from both the series!

watch and piazza

truck and red-white fabricsanddunes and sweater

rooftops and check pattern

railtrack and military-denim

ocean and denim

green checks and rooftops

clouds and tie

carpark & cotrac

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