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A New Cat’s eye View Camera

Posted by on March 15, 2012

As if there aren’t plenty of videos of cats across the internet, Parisian Paolo Teixeira has discovered a camera your cat can wear so that you can watch what all it does outdoors. He lost his job of ad selling in 2008, after losing the job Teixeira began to wonder about his cat, what does he do outside, does he have a girlfriend, who does he hang out with? She took a loan of €100,000 from his mother and friends and started to develop this camera Eyenimal.

She launched his company in 2010, selling camera of ultra lightweight with a memory of 4GB. More than thousand cameras were being sold every month throughout the world to the owners of dog and cat.

She has two cats, but since the male cat sleeps throughout the day the apparent candidate for the camera was the female cat. But since her cat never worn a collar before she was not sure about how she would get adjusted with the camera. She put a collar on her neck and she just escaped, and it was all miserable.

The next day the cat was her normal lively self again, so she put the camera to her collar and she went off. It is little odd feeling to know that your cat could be watching you and shooting you, or the neighbors doing stuffs you might not want to see or know about. There is something nosy about everything. But her anxiety soon offered way to surprise when after an hour or so she uploaded the film on the computer and they watched the film. She was walking on the railing of terrace, and she was doing something on kitchen counter. After some time of film, cat had shown us our small world from her point of view. After all, without a major editing, cat’s world would only be exciting to her family.