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Get Your Photos Accurately Analyzed and Improve Your Skills

Posted by on February 19, 2015

swanMany of us are passionate about something or the other. If an art is someone’s passion, the artist is said to be creating her/his art solely for her/his own satisfaction. But is it really true? There may be rarely any artist or hobbyist who doesn’t need an acclamation from others. Actually getting praises or approval from the world is like a new life for an artist. Photography too is an extremely creative art. A photographer is encouraged if s/he gets approval from the world and then s/he works with an increased enthusiasm. And if s/he gets condemnation, s/he can improve her/his work. If you are a budding photographer, you too can get an accurate analysis of your work. How? With Shutter Critic, a new photography critique community.

What is Shutter Critic?

Shutter Critic is an online community aiming at helping photographers to hone their skills by getting feedback from professional photo critics. Shutter Critic has a unique adaptive algorithm based on which their system ranks photographers and critics automatically. Both photographers and critics can join Shutter Critic.

How does it Work?

As a photographer, if you want to get your photo analyzed, you can upload the photo and metadata, title, category, etc. It will remain open till a particular number of people see it and it receives at least two critiques. The critiques cannot be seen by other critics till the photo is published.

When the photo receives sufficient views and critiques, it is closed for being critiqued, but remains open for getting comments by the community. It is made visible to the public in the “explore photos” section. At this time, the critiques it has received can be seen as well as commented on by others.


Who are Critics?

Critics are themselves professional photographers who analyze your photos and show pluses and minuses in your photos, based on which you can improve your skills. Critics too are given scores, based on which you can find top critics for your photos.

How can You Improve?

Shutter Critic gives rankings and scores to every photographer and critic. This can be used to track your progress and improve your photographic skill.

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Learn, Learn, Learn!

Not only by getting your photos analyzed by experts, but also by watching others’ photos and reading their critiques, you can learn a lot to enhance your photographic talent.


As a critic you can earn too. If your well-written critique is proved very helpful to a photographer, s/he can donate you through PayPal as a token of gratitude.

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Is It Free?

Absolutely! You don’t have to pay or do anything to join it as a photographer or a critic. You neither have to pay any amount nor have you to write any critiques if you want to upload your photos or vice versa.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Shutter Critic and get your photos critiqued by experts, and get a never-before exposure and chance to become a famous photographer!