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Store and Share Images for Free without Wasting Your Own Bandwidth

Posted by on March 31, 2015

store and share images by ImgUp.ioImage speaks a lot more than words and so, we share images. They can pass on our various expressions and emotions to our beloveds, like laughter, joy, sorrow, guilt, wonderment, love, hatred and many more. Therefore sharing images has become today’s favorite pastime of everyone who has access to the internet, either through a stationary computer or a mobile device. Obviously a strong need to make this process more and more easy was felt and is being felt constantly and so, technology is advancing in that direction. At this stage of time, it is so advanced that you need not even host or store your images. Some wonderful websites do that for you and you can share these images without wasting the bandwidth on your server. is such a fantastic free image hosting website which allows you to do that.

With you can store and share your images for free. You can upload your images which are easily hosted and shared with your friends and family. You can even upload them anonymously. Or you can create an account for free through which you can do a lot of things like uploading images to form personalized albums, personalizing your profile, editing your images and much more.

Your images are never deleted, unless they are against the TOS of or illegal. You can let them stay on the website for whatever time you want. This way you can save your own bandwidth and use theirs to store images. Codes are offered to you so that you can embed the images in your website easily to show them to the world. No one will ever know where the images are hosted really, and your bandwidth is saved! also offer Google Chrome Extension which allows you to upload images to their server easily without leaving the page on which you are. Even you can upload any image you find on the web to their server just by right-clicking!

So, now there is a great way for you to save your bandwidth and still store images, absolutely free, and sharing them with your loved ones. So, don’t forget to take benefit of this wonderful technological advancement and enjoy!