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5 Great Tips to Capture the Most Interesting Street Photographs

Posted by on January 30, 2018

Philippines street photography Street BountyStreet photography is unique and different than most other genres of photography in that it doesn’t aim to photograph beauty, glamour, grandeur and glory. It’s a genre that finds the very ordinary daily life that can be found on the streets, but makes us understand thoroughly how the life in a particular society or country is.

Have you ever felt amazed with shots of people in a country? We all experience this some or the other time, especially when we come across a street photography blog. The pictures are only of ordinary people and not any celebrities or diplomats, and still they look extremely interesting. This is because we try to find similarities to our lives in them. The daily challenges we come across, happiness and smiles of people despite challenges, a tired and exhausted face, passengers in a rickshaw, an ordinary shop or any everyday scene can enchant us due to its similarities with our experiences. All in all, if you haven’t thought of street photography as a career, you should consider it. Here are some tips to capture the most interesting street photographs that will make you realize how enjoyable this job can be.

1. Choose the Best Lens

In street photography, a best lens is an essential thing. You may be interested in using a telephoto lens, but there are high chances that it may do bad and not good. You don’t want to look creepy pointing your huge lens towards passers-by. If you want to be unobtrusive while getting close and in the middle of the action, choose a wide-angle lens and that will allow you to blend in a crowd. A compact camera is the favorite of many street photographers than a huge DSLR, because it is less confronting, lightweight, smaller and discreet.

Hanoi street photography Street Bounty

2. Camera Settings

Switching your camera to AV (aperture-priority mode) and choosing your ISO and f-stop (aperture) manually are the easiest and fastest way to set up your camera for street photography. The camera will then choose the shutter speed (exposure). A good point to start on a sunny day is an ISO from 200 to 400 with around f/16. If shutter speed more than 1/200th a second is shown by your camera, you are good to roll.

Berlin street photography Street Bounty

3. Go Near Your Subjects

With a wide-angle lens, you can get close to your subjects. Another advantage of a wide angle lens is that the viewer feels that he is actually in the scene. You can also become a part of the crowd, instead of standing on the other side of the street with a bulky lens.

Most great street photos were captured from only a few meters from the action and sometimes even a few centimeters. Passing through a busy street, park or market can give you some incredible pictures if you are observant enough and keeps your mind alert for interesting subjects.

Philippines street photography Street Bounty

4. Always Carry Your Camera with You

You don’t know when there will be an interesting moment or action taking place in front of you. So, you should always be ready with your camera to capture it so that you don’t have to repent later. It’s nothing wrong to say that your camera should be your extension. If you want to be a serious street photographer, you should inculcate this habit of carrying your camera always.

Myanmar street photography Street Bounty

5. Ignore Your Inner Voice

Some people wrongly assume that while taking pictures of people on the street, their subjects will be annoyed, become physically violent or worse even, call the police. These fears can only be overcome by practicing taking street photos and you’ll come to know that they are really unreal.

You can learn a lot more about street photography at Street Bounty, the street photography blog. Photos in this article are their courtesy. Keep in touch with this blog and you will fall in love with this interesting photography genre.