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5 Simple Tips that will Give You the Best Nature Photography Results

Posted by on September 25, 2017

connection of nature to human life - Nature is my homeEvery photographer wants to capture outstanding photographs for which he needs unusual and beautiful subjects that can draw people’s attention. People are normally attracted to photos that have subjects which they don’t come across in person. And it’s not easy to find such subjects!

Fortunately, there is one source which can give you abundant subjects to produce photos that can appeal your audience always and carry a beauty that is timeless – it’s nature! Yes, the nature is incredibly diverse apart from being beautiful providing the freshest photo opportunities every time and letting you bring out the best in you. For example, you can watch the awesome nature photography at Nature is my home, a nature photography blog, and you’ll realize this.

1.Look for Small

You will be surprised to know how unaware we are of the majority of happenings in nature. There is such a wonderful harmony in these small occurrences that it’s worth capturing in the camera and can make lovely photographs.

Don’t forget to pay attention to even the smallest things while wandering in nature. Always carry a lens that has a decent zoom (more than 50mm) and has the power to focus close-ups. Surely you don’t have to have a macro lens so as to capture great photos of small details, but do remember that the closer you get, the better photos you can capture.

Examples of small details are insects going about their routine activities, dewdrops shining on grass blades, patterns found in flowers, leaves and even the Earth, and so on.

Another thing to remember is that going close to nature is surely going to make you dirty! So, remember not to wear your best clothes for nature photography.

look for small - Nature is my home

2. Look Everywhere

It’s common for people to look at the world straight in front of them. But a photographer, if he is looking for awesome photos, should look everywhere – up, down and all around. Especially nature offers photo opportunities from various angles – how trees shooting up in the skies look wonderful from the ground, how valleys look fearsome and awesome at the same time from top of the mountains, how grasses and small shrubs coming out from the ground look incredibly lovely when photographed directly from the upward direction!

look everywhere - Nature is my home

3. Look for the Light

Light is the backbone of photography. It’s necessary for illuminating your subjects and also for creating shadows and contrasts. Understanding the nature of light can be a lifelong journey for any photographer. When it comes to nature photography, using the light available in nature is one of the best means to add the desired impact to your photos and obtain strong compositions. Understanding the light needs practice; but you can always start using it to your advantage at once.

4. Connect to Human Life

Nature is an inevitable part of human life and when you show it through your photographs, you add something that no one can avoid noticing. For example, look at the photos on Nature is my home where Rahul Ashok tries to bring out connection between human life and nature through his pictures. Some of the awesome pictures have been given in this article too. There are so many ways you can show this connection, for example, the nature around manmade creations like roads, benches and electric poles, flooded water bodies and immersed houses and cars, and so on.

connection of nature to human life - Nature is my home

5. Keep Backup Ready

Getting the battery dead or memory card full are some of the most depressing moments a nature photographer can experience as a lovely scene disappears before his eyes and he just can’t do anything. Therefore it’s very essential to have an extra battery and memory card (additional film) so as to be prepared for any bad situation.

However, just an extra battery and memory card doesn’t serve the purpose. You should also carry a lens cloth and blower brush to save your lens from rain or dirt.

Nature is beautiful but it’s unpredictable too and you should be prepared for any situation.

Following these tips is easy, but can give you great results while eliminating your stress and offering you the joy of getting the photos just as you want them.