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6 Great Tips for Amazing Portrait Photography

Posted by on June 19, 2016

portrait photography tipsPortrait photography can be amazing yet equally challenging. Like any other field of photography, portrait photography too needs great knowledge, a bit of experience and lots of practice. If you want to specialize in portrait photography, read the following tips shared with us by the talented photographer at Jeremy Rill Photography.

1. Choose a Location You and Your Subject Love

Portraits need not be always done in a studio or home, on the backdrop of a red or black curtain. However, if you love such a type of location, you can choose one. This will denote that you are a serious-minded person. But if you are a fun-loving person, you may choose a coffee shop for your portrait. Let the location reflect your personality. Of course, your subject too should love the location and setting on which you would like to portray them.

choose the right location

2. Learn from Mistakes

Often photographers are seen to study and admire their good shots. They just throw away bad shots. But there is actually much more to learn from bad shots. You don’t need to blame yourself; you should study what wrong you did that reflected in the shot and be careful about not repeating the mistakes.

3. Find Different Subjects

Usually it is seen that photographers find persons that are similar to themselves for portraits. However if you find subjects that are different and interesting, you are amazed about them and can capture more interesting photos.

4. Magic of Clouds

Many photographers will agree that clouds create a great light for photography. Yes, light becomes soft and even because of clouds and they also cut out some of the brightness from the sun and you can make best use of your flash to overshadow the ambient light.

5. Wait for the Right Expressions

More than any other type of photos, in portraits, expressions matter the most. If you want perfect expressions, your hand should beat the living daylights from your shutter button. The key is to capture many photos and stay alert for the right expressions.

right expressions

6. Right Focus Mode

In the middle of the shoot, it’s possible to forget small things. If for example, you are using single-shot focus mode for most of your shots; however, if you see somebody walking down towards your camera, you should remember to change to continuous focus (in case of Nikon) or Al Servo (in case of Canon) so as to take a sharp photo even if the subject is in motion.

Take a look at the amazing portraits taken by Jeremy Rill in this article and many more on their website. You can learn many things from them.