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Corporate Event Photography Basic Tips

Posted by on April 27, 2013

corporate event photography basic tipsIf you are considering event photography as your future career, you have to be aware that this photography field covers various events such as weddings, parties, indoor events, black tie formal dinners, corporate events etc. Usually, those events are very important to people that attend or organize them and therefore they want to make them memorable. This is where event photographer joins the game and becomes an invisible attendant that capture important moments of the day. In this article we will explain some of the corporate event photography basics.

First of all, corporate photography includes taking formal photos of employees and employers for magazines, websites and similar publication. The first and the most important tip for the corporate event photography is to bring all the necessary equipment for this type of event. At other events, photographers take rather casual and less formal photos, but here you have to use the external flash and to work in low lit environment. Usually, the corporate event takes place indoors, so all the tricks and techniques of indoor photography should be on your side. Your camera and additional equipment should be the one that suits the low lit atmosphere. In fact, you need at least two cameras: the one with telephoto lenses not to be in need of changing lenses every now and then and the other camera with wide-angled lens.

It is important to have a perfect knowledge of the etiquette and the schedule of the corporate event. It’s recommended not to shoot people while eating. Get to the event as early as possible. You should know where it is happening and what the company wants you to do. However, it’s better to feel the atmosphere and to explore the environment before the event begins. Also, you should be among the lasts to exit the party, not to miss the single moment of the event.