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Advantages and Disadvantages of Weather

Posted by on September 23, 2012

In nowadays business, especially when it comes to real estate companies, aerial photography and video are important and gladly used commercial skills. Many photographers are interested in this photography field, because it offers an amazing opportunity to express their artistic and creative nature and yet to earn some sum of money. Many other commercial photography sub-fields are popular amongst photographers for financial reasons. However, aerial photography enables you to enjoy experience of being up in the air, you are able to look up at a panoramic view of open blue sky over your city. If you are a novice in aerial photography, you could check out some nice works and browse, for example Aerial Video Canada or Dominican Republic to get some ideas and inspiration.

The weather might be the greatest problem when it comes to aerial photography. Commonly, you have to book your flight in advance, so you cannot be sure the weather would be perfect on that day. Only if the pilot is a good friend of yours or a family member, you would get the opportunity to postpone the flight. Otherwise, you just have to take the advantages of the weather as it is. So, if you wake up on a day of your flight and the sky is not perfectly blue, try not to be too disappointed. In fact, fairy cloudy days are perhaps the best for aerial photography, because clouds do have the ability to balance the light naturally. In addition, clouds can be really interesting shooting subjects, especially if you find some funny or inspiring shapes. In case of an overcast sky, the light on the ground is undoubtedly reduced, so the pictures are tarnished. In that case, do some dramatic photo shooting, because these are the best conditions for such images. Sunny days are certainly best, because the images are the brightest and the details of the ground are accentuated. But, even then, aerial photographer can encounter haze with altitude and that can significantly reduce his/her visibility and misting over his/her pictures.