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Antique Photography Valuations – A Necessity

Posted by on August 13, 2011

Antique photographs are sometimes of enormous value and can prove to be a fortune. If you have some such antique photographs and wonder about ‘who will value my stuff?’ it is necessary to go online and check some authentic website to valuate your precious possessions.

Antique photos are valued so much because, though in today’s digital world, photographs are common, they were very rare and celebrated in olden days. And for that matter, some of today’s photos too may be very precious. You may own a portrait of an ancestor, or a photo taken by a famous photographer. It can be really valuable and you should know its worth exactly. If you do the valuation, you know your asset and while selling it you can claim for its appropriate value.

Sometimes, it also happens that you wan to buy an antique photo, but cannot decide if the cost the seller is demanding is reasonable or not. In that case too you need to valuate those photos. The valuating websites can help you in this matter too. Such a third-party opinion is always very useful for your mental satisfaction about whether the photograph you are purchasing is really a good investment or not.

If you don’t have the correct idea about the precious photos you possess, anybody can cheat you and purchase them for throw-away price from you. Even if you don’t want to sell them, then too you should have an idea about their true value. If you need to insure the antique photos, their value should be estimated properly.

The online websites evaluating the rare and unique photographs, need a snapshot of your photograph and some other information which helps them to correctly estimate the value. They are all reliable and don’t provide the details give by you to anybody else

When a photograph is valuated, their rareness is considered the most basic criteria. This is because photos are easy to replicate. So it is found out if there is something in the photo which makes it rare. Darkroom manipulation, hand coloring or being a part of limited edition may be some factors which contribute to the rarity of the photograph. So also, photos shot before 1950 are taken to be rare. And if they are taken in the initial years of photography, i.e. between 1839 and 1900, they are considered to be very rare and unique.

If you want to sell or insure your antique photograph or buy one, you should correctly know their value, for which the valuating websites will prove to be very useful to you!