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Getting Into Commercial Photography Business – Simple Tips

Posted by on October 18, 2013

commercial photographyWe asked some commercial photographers in Perth, Australia and San Francisco, US how they got into commercial photography. Most of them answered they entries were through referrals and existing personal and professional relationships. These are their tips we would like to share with you regarding how to get hired as a commercial photographer. Hope you’ll find them useful!

Be unique, but stay true to yourself and to the potential clients. If photographers talk about who they are on their online marketing materials, they will attract the right clients. This is the only way to get into the business and do it successfully.

Hang out with the best commercial photographers in your area. Well, at least try to be among those that are better than you. If you are networking with commercial photographers below your level, you will feel better about yourselves but your growth will be stunted. Although it might be hard on an ego, hanging out with long-term and significantly more skilled photographers is a much better solution for your future career.

Networking with business owners should be done in person, not only online. Schedule meetings, especially with advertising agencies, even though it might be terrifying and humbling. This is the only way to create an impression what will distinguish you from other commercial photographers. It’s normal to get one call for every ten meetings. Also, non-photography professionals with good connections should know you.

Never stop improving your skills and learning more, in more than one area. Although many experts suggest to focus on one thing, it can work well for the elite commercial and editorial studios. People who are fresh starters, shouldn’t avoid being generalists. This is helpful in honing which photography field is the most enjoyable to you. Over the time, you will surely become more narrowly focused.