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How to Choose the Right Stock Photo?

Posted by on July 18, 2013

Drops of rain on a leaf - shallow depth of fieldChoosing images for the website is an enjoyable, but also time-consuming process. Stock photography brought the convenience into marketing business and surely they are great. Without fuss, without muss, there are searchable archives of uncountable images designed to meet all of your needs. However, sometimes the line between a good and bad stock photo is not so clear. How to be sure that you have chosen the right one for you? We have spoken to marketing experts and professional graphic and web designers to get some useful ideas. We will share several tips with you.

1. Subject. Ask yourself these two questions: Does this stock photo represent my target market? Will this image give off the right and wanted impression?

2. Theme. Q: Will the image flow with other images on the website and can it be successfully integrated with the overall theme?

3. Colors. Keep in mind that the branding should not conflict with the overall color schemes. If you have lots of greys on your website, maybe you should look for photographs with a cooler tone. If you have a lots of bright colors, such as red, try images with vivid and warm tones.

4. Quality. Go for modern and crisp images. Check out whether the same model was used anywhere else.

5. Go Abstract. Clichés are boring, aren’t they? So, why don’t you go for clever metaphors? Abstract concepts will do the trick.

Your web designer should recommend (or require) the size of the image you should look for. This allows you to streamline the search. If you use low quality images that are stretched, grainy and blurry, they will make your website appear cheap and amateur. For that reason, follow your web designer’s instructions about the right image size. Usually, the suggested size is not as small, because the image should be adjusted and resized to fit perfectly.