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5 Popular Styles of Boudoir Photography You Should Know

Posted by on October 4, 2022

Phoenix boudoir photographerIf you heartily wish to capture yourself in the camera while being clad in minimal clothes and send those photos to your sweetheart, boudoir photography is the best way to do that. But if you’re thinking that your body is not so great looking, remember that boudoir photography is for every body, no matter whether you think it’s beautiful or not. In fact, you ARE beautiful and you have every right to capture your nude or semi-clad photos and show them off to your partner!

However, it’s also important to remember that every person is different. There are several styles of boudoir photography and only one or a few more may suit you. It will depend on what is best for your personality, desires, requirements and particular situation.

Sin City Boudoir Photography expert photographer at ALOHA describes here the many styles of boudoir photography knowing which you can make an informed decision about which style to choose. At the first glance, the difference between these styles may seem small or negligible. However, although the difference is subtle, the chosen style can hugely influence the end result.

Boudoir photography has been around since the 1920s. but during the last few decades, it has become immensely popular.

Boudoir is a French term meaning a place in a home where a woman could be alone. Because of the private nature of these spaces, they were a bit cloaked in mystery. Boudoir photography emerged as a response to this mystery and offered men a chance to take a peek into the secret lives of women from a safe distance.

1. Traditional

You may already be aware of traditional boudoir photography without even knowing it. In this style, images are captured of the subject in suggestive, sensual poses, but would not be categorized as erotic.

Most of the times, traditional boudoir photos are captured in a bedroom setting with soft lighting. The subject may wear lingerie or may be nude.

Traditional boudoir photographer

2. Glamour / Elegant

Glamour or elegant boudoir photo sessions are a little more like a professional modeling shoot. Glamour or elegant boudoir photography aims at highlighting the best features of the model while also showing her personality or a particular mood or idea.

This style of shoots normally includes a higher focus on the subject’s clothing, make-up, hair and posing. The photographer may even use brighter or more natural lighting.

Glamour / Elegant boudoir photographer

3. Dramatic

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an actress, the dramatic style of boudoir photography may be perfect for you. In this style, your photographer will also act as a director when you express yourself through your poses and expressions. This style of shoot can express any feeling or idea that you wish.

Also, it can be conducted anywhere. It just depends on what message you wish to convey.

Dramatic boudoir photographer

4. Playful

Playful boudoir photography style can result in images that are great gifts for your partner. They will reveal your fun and flirty side while capturing your personality and individualism.

While most boudoir photography styles are a kind of serious, the playful style allows the model to laugh and smile a lot, and to act silly!

Playful boudoir photographer

5. Fine Art

Photos taken in the fine art style of boudoir photography are unique works of art and are inspiring. This style uses a dedicated focus of the use of light, color and angles that create photos that celebrate the female form in a true sense.

If you’re dreaming of boudoir photos that could be hung in a museum, fine art style will be just right for you.

Fine Art boudoir photographer

boudoir photography celebrates the shape of the model’s body without objectifying them. It involves an element of empowerment. It’s a boost for women’s confidence and a chance for them to celebrate their shape and show that they can look beautiful too.

Sin City Boudoir Photography expert photographer at ALOHA makes your photo session fun and easy, no matter what your shape, size or background is! So, what are you waiting for? Go for boudoir photography and celebrate your beauty!