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Boudoir Photography – Time to Retreat and Enjoy

Posted by on June 23, 2014

boudoir photographyGone are the days when boudoir photography was an unchartered area. Today it is gaining tremendous popularity as increasing number of women and particularly brides are excited with a thought of having a sensual photo session and to gift their sweetheart something truly personalized and unique, instead of the boring cuff links or perfume or a watch. Visit ILSensual Blog to take a look at some excellently shot boudoir photos and you will agree that this field is nothing less in aesthetic senses.

“Boudoir” is an old word in French referring to a changing room for women. This is supposed to be the chamber where women can enjoy peaceful moments away from the crowd. It is also supposed to be an intensely adorned space. And so, most photographers keep that cozy, intimate and ornate feel while shooting boudoir.

Women love to have boudoir photography sessions for plenty of reasons, like weddings, abroad deployments, anniversaries or just to show off a newly refreshed body, after having kids. But most importantly, it should be remembered that it’s YOUR day. You should pamper yourself on the day and enjoy. Make your photographer aware of the parts of your body to keep hidden and the ones you love the most and want to show off. Employ a highly skilled photographer who has a personality which makes you comfortable while dealing with her/him.

So, once you make up your mind to book a boudoir photo session, what next? Most women ask a common question, “What should I Wear?” The reply an experienced and expert photographer will give is to wear something with your guy in mind, because you are going to gift the photos to him. His favorite, t-shirt or scarf, and other accessories like shoes – it can be anything. You can even wear his wedding tie and he’ll love it! Most importantly, wear something that will express your personality, because that’s what he is in love with. If you are a tee and jeans gal, wear a pair of torn up jeans or frilly boy shorts, and if you are more stylish type, try stockings, corset and stilettos. And for a simple yet sexy feel, just a plain white sheet will make a magic to make him fancy.

Whichever way you do it, it is really a time to enjoy and show your sexy side to your guy. That will help create a strong bond between you two, and at the same time, allowing you to go to a refuge and be on your own!