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Boudoir Photography Tips

Posted by on April 5, 2014

expert boudoir photosBoudoir photography can be overwhelming for both the photographer as well as the client. Usually when you meet the client first time face-to-face, you need to judge your situation. There are innumerable things to consider and situations to ponder. Here are some tried-and-tested methods suggested by experts in boudoir photography.

Take a “Before” and an “After” Picture

Take a “before” photo. This will be when the client is properly lit with a simple backdrop and is not wearing any makeup or special hairstyle. However, make sure not to make this photo purposefully unattractive. After all, you don’t want to make your client hate herself! You want this photo just as a starting point for comparison.

After this, take an awesome “after” photo, when the client is ready with makeup, hair and a perfect wardrobe. This photo should be the “Facebook safe” photo which can be used as a profile image and reveal the outcome of the transformation.

Slow Down and Be Creative

Instead of hurrying up, slow down and think how you can be creative. Your client may feel embarrassed to shoot her body parts. In that case, you should make her feel that the shoot is not vulgar but creative. No doubt, it is sensual, because she is shooting it for her fiancé or husband. But you can bring as much classiness and elegance in these photos as you can. You need to think a little.

Beginning with Clothes On

Clients need warm up time and for this, beginning the shoot with clothes on is recommended. Get the “Facebook safe” photo first.

Make the Client Comfortable

Once your client gets comfortable, you can start shooting with clothes off. But ensure that she is absolutely easy; otherwise, the photos will look awkward.

Seek Comfort Zone for All

Every photographer has her/his own style to make the client comfortable and achieve an excellent shoot. With practice you will understand the clients’ mentality and how to break the ice. Whatever you do, you should ensure that everybody should work in her/his comfort zone; so, slow down and, most important, enjoy your work!