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4 Amazing Ideas for Using Photos for Home Décor

Posted by on April 7, 2021
home décor with photos

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A professional photographer captures people’s photos and sends them hard and soft copies of those photos. No doubt, it’s wonderful to show these photos to one’s near and dear ones whenever there is a get together. But how about decorating one’s home with these photos? Today’s incredible technology has made it possible to decorate home and various lifestyle products with photos so that you and your guests can easily see and enjoy them. Here are a few ideas.

1. Decorating Walls with Photos

There are numerous ideas of home décor with photos. Here are a few:

  • Display your photos on walls of highly frequented rooms. You can even display them on a wall along the stairs. Arrange them in various attractive shapes such as triangle, rectangle, square, heart, and more.
  • Get one single beautiful photo magnified and framed, and display it on a prominent wall.
  • Personalize the display by displaying your name, initials or your favorite message along with the photos.
  • Display them around an attractive wall piece such as a wall hanging, a clock or a lamp. The shape of the display can match the shape of the wall piece or can be in contrast with it; e.g. if the clock is square, the display can either be square or diamond-shaped.
  • Create various types of borders around the photos. The borders should be in various shapes and colors. You can either paint them or create them from pieces of paper and stick them around the photos.
  • Hang the photos on string lights.
  • Hang the photos on pegs.
  • Hang the photos to clips and attach the clips to an old net with a wooden frame.
  • Place the photos under the glass on your dining table or coffee table.

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2. Decorating Mobile Phone Cover with Photos

It’s amazing to have a personalized cell phone cover and when you personalize it with your favorite photo/s, you cannot miss glances of admiration and/or envy. You can have one single photo or multiple photos on your phone cover.

Decorating Mobile Phone Cover with Photos

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3. Decorating Various Fabrics with Photos

Yes, you can display your photos on whatever fabrics you want. You can get photos printed on your clothes, cushion covers, face masks, tapestry, tablecloths, curtains, beach apparel, and more.

Decorating Cushion Cover with Photos

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4. Decorating Other Objects with Photos

You can have your favorite photos on various objects in your home, such as fridge magnets, coffee mugs, bean bag chairs, penholders, doors of closets, and so many more.

Decorating Bean Bag Chair with Photos

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Decorating various objects in one’s home with their photos makes the job easy of showing those photos to one’s guests. Guests can see the photos time and again, and admire them, while passing by them or using the objects on which they are printed.

However, one should remember to avoid overdoing this. If you’ve displayed multiple photos on a wall, never display them anywhere else in the room. If your curtains have your photos, don’t have them on the furniture in the same room. Follow these simple rules and your photos will serve as incredible home décor elements.