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Shadow Box Framing – A Great Option to Display Photos

Posted by on May 16, 2016

shadow box framingPhotos are our dear memories. However, we place them in albums and the albums are placed in a cabinet or cupboard. Alternatively we store them in our computer. In any of the cases, they don’t remain in front of our eyes always. If we keep them pinned to a board, they would soon get dirty and worn out. But there is an excellent solution to all these problems – shadow box frames! With shadow box frames, your both the problems are solved – you can keep your photos all the time before your eyes and they are well preserved! Experts at Chrisman Framing offering one of the largest selections of custom shadow box frames share some valuable information for our readers.

What is a Shadow Box?

A shadow box is a box-like item with a glass front and to be mounted vertically. In a shadow box you can not only store and display photos but many other objects. So, in addition to photos, you can place flowers and other decorative items and enhance the beauty of your photos. Because of a shadow box, you get a 3D effect to your photos and because of the glass front, the photos get a good protection from dust and other weather elements. You can mount the shadow box on wall or place it on your table or anywhere and can watch and show the photos anytime. As the top of the box is raised, a shadow is created to the photos. Normally single four-sided or several mats can be used to create shadows.

Types of Shadow Box Frames

Simple Shadow Box Frame: This is a small-sized dual box frame and is ideal for photos. You can decorate it with toys, flowers or any crafts. Simple shadow box frames are perfect for desks and bedside tables. However, you can also mount them on walls and store small glass items that you want to keep protected in it along with the photos.

Standard Shadow Box Frame: This is used to display valuable items. It has core backing where items can be glued or you can stitch the items straight to the core. The depth of this type of frame is much more than the simple frame and will accommodate your valuables too along with photos.

Custom-made Shadow Box Frame: You can always design a shadow box frame as per your own choice. These are usually larger than the readily available boxes and so have an acrylic glass front so as not to add to the weight.

Chrisman Framing is specialized in creating all types of shadow framing boxes and customized shadow frames. They also guide you through the available options so that you can buy the best suited one for you.