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3 Amazing Tips to Get An Excellent Passport Photo

Posted by on April 28, 2017

passport photo tipsThe topic of taking a passport photo always brings stress as it’s a snapshot required for perhaps the most important government-issued ID and there are very strict requirements regarding lighting, backdrop, facial expressions and head positioning to make sure that the image is usable, creating a photo one may find less than flattering and one to be stuck with for at least up to 10 years. You may wonder how to achieve such a photo. Here are a few tips.

1. Make Sure that the Photo Studio is Well-equipped

Make sure to check whether the photographer will capture your photo not with a point-and-shoot camera, but with a professional digital camera, as the latter will produce the picture you would want.

If you can ask for an example, it’s better. The better equipment they have, the better sign it is that they are taking the business of passport photos more seriously than other places.

Some examples of being well-equipped are a calibrated LED panel at the backdrop providing a bright white light without shadows, a direct flash on the front side of the camera to prevent highlights on the eyes, and so on.

2. Make a Wise Selection of Clothing and Accessories

Experts always advise to avoid white to prevent blending into the backdrop. Also avoid patterns and ads on shirts because they can prove distracting.

Another thing to avoid is neon colors because they are too bright and don’t reproduce appropriately. They take attention away from facial features and in an ID photo, facial features are of extreme importance.

Ideally you should use hues from medium grey to light blue as they are more complementary and don’t detract. They also emphasize the face.

Big baubles or dangling earrings should be avoided as they can be distracting.

3. Avoid Glass Glare

If you wear glasses, you should push them right up against the face and then should lean forward and tilt your face down only a little to let the light pass through the upper part of the glasses to form little or no glare in the lens. This trick works 99% of times. However, if it doesn’t, you should take the glasses away to save time and to make sure that the photo is not rejected.

However, not only the glass glare is problematic, but also of shiny skin. The studio should provide you a rice paper with which you can dab skin to remove excess oil.

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