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Excellent Opportunity of Photo Booth Business

Posted by on March 27, 2016

firebooth sole 2.0Photo booths are getting immensely popular and so, if you are planning to take a photography-related business, a photo booth business seems to be one of the most profitable. For your photo booth business, you will need some technical knowledge, a fair amount of money and a desire to be successful and you will easily start your photo booth business. But which photo booth will you buy? I recommend you to buy a photo booth, Sol 2.0, by (Sterling Photo Booth) which is one of the hottest photo booths on the market today!

Why Sol 2.0?

Take a look at the photos of Sol 2.0 and you will realize that it’s different from the regular photo booths. It has got impressive looks with its aircraft grade aluminum body superbly painted with heavy duty white gloss. It’s totally handcrafted in the USA and is easily portable. While you have to start with a few thousand dollars for other photo booths, this excellent high quality photo booth starts from as little as $83 a month.

Here are some outstanding features of Sol 2.0:

  • You don’t need a heavy vehicle to carry Sol 2.0 around. It’s made to fit any car and you can carry it anywhere without any help because it is so lightweight.
  • Equipped with patent-pending locking design to tilt down. This is great for allowing shorter people to take photos.
  • Built in social sharing and text messaging features to share the photos of every session in real time
  • Latest technology included to take the highest quality photos

Assistance for Your Photo Booth Business

  • Firebooth doesn’t stop after offering you an excellent photo booth like Sol 2.0. They also design a professional website for you, with 3 designs, made particularly for your photo booth business
  • This website is mobile friendly to get you more customers
  • It is also search engine optimized to enable you to attract local customers and get more business
  • The site is easily manageable for you and you can easily add photos, videos and more
  • You also get live real time traffic stats and analysis with which you can apply correct strategies for the growth of your business
  • The website also includes social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get more conversions

How to Do That?

If you think that this is a complicated process, you are absolutely wrong! In fact, it’s extremely easy. These are the steps you should take:

  • Select a photo booth package: Choose a company name for you and a website. They make it ready and send it to you for approval within 7 days. You have 3 packages to choose from: Mild Package, Medium Package and Fire Package
  • Do Marketing and Book Events: You have to do some marketing and advertising of your new photo booth business and book events, while your custom photo booth gets ready
  • Get Your Photo Booth: You get your photo booth within 4 weeks and you can start making money!

Still, if you come across any difficulty, Mark Lizada, the owner of Sterling Photo Booth is there to help you at every step of owning your first FireBooth. Mark has more than 6 years of experience and has covered 2,800 events. So, he is the right person to guide you in your photo booth business venture.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands on only a small investment. Turn your passion into a revenue-generating engine and become a successful businessperson within no time.

firebooth sole 2.0