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Kleptofinder – Enjoy Having Your Digital Property Totally In Your Custody

Posted by on November 30, 2020

reverse image searchIf you’re a creative photographer and feel proud of your work, it’s certainly painful to see your work stolen and republished without your consent. Of course, there are various tools available on the internet to find that, but they need you to upload your photos and the search of all your photos becomes quite cumbersome. But not anymore! Now you can easily find if any of your photos have been stolen, thanks to an amazing tool, Kleptofinder.

What is Kleptofinder?

Kleptofinder is a tool that helps you find whether someone has used any of your photos without taking your permission. It’s an Artificial Intelligence that searches the Web and finds your photos that have been stolen. So, what makes it better than other reverse image search tools?


How does Kleptofinder Work?

The feature of Kleptofinder that makes it better than other tools that help users find stolen images is that it’s extremely easy to use because it doesn’t need users to upload their images manually one by one and keep finding if they have been republished.

To use Kleptofinder, you just have to register your Instagram account and select the price package (Security Pack) according to your needs. And that’s it! Once you log into your Instagram account through Kleptofinder, it takes the image feed from there and with a single click of a button, its AI will present to you a list of websites that have used your images without your permission.

how Kleptofinder works

Depending on the Security Pack you select, you can scan 5, 30 or all of your photos.

You can even take a free trial and then if you see that it’s easier, more convenient and effective than other image theft finding tools on the internet, you can buy your desired Security Pack and start using it regularly. This way you can get more control over your copyrighted digital content and the desired peace of mind.

Kleptofinder can find any image whether it’s your portraits, works of art, stock images or creative images. Once you get the list of websites that have used your images unethically, you have a strong device to protect your content.

Use Kleptofinder and enjoy having your digital property totally in your custody.