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Run Your Website without the Fear of Image Theft

Posted by on July 16, 2015

pro photo protection xAre you fed up of online theft of your photos? Haven’t you yet found any solution for this problem? There is good news! I have a fantastic solution – Pro Photo Protection X! Let me tell you about it.

What is Pro Photo Protection X?

Pro Photo Protection X is a top-rated online tool for web theft prevention. They have the most advanced technology and they are dedicated to save the online content and images of each and every business.

Why Pro Photo Protection X?

Other companies who offer such types of tools for the prevention of online theft of images and content offer their tools and their duty ends there. Further, you have to do everything, i.e. installing the software, finding out how to use it, etc. Pro Photo Protection X is a lot different! They are with you always. They help you in everything, so that you don’t have to keep fumbling at any step and the process goes more smoothly.

After you buy Pro Photo Protection X, an expert from their company will be there with you adding custom coding to everything on your website. This process will be finished in a week and you will now be ready to enjoy your website operation without the fear of theft of your photos and content, and with a great peace of mind.

Besides, Pro Photo Protection X has the most advanced software.

Pro Photo Protection X is much more economical too than other protection providers. Other providers charge a monthly fee, whereas for Pro Photo Protection X, you have to pay just once for 1 website.

Their software is more lightweight and more Google-friendly because of having less code than that of other companies.

What does Pro Photo Protection X Do?

  • Pro Photo Protection X prevents an online user from saving your photos to their computer
  • It prevents access to the source code to your website. Thus spammers grabbing your script, extracting images and phishing will be prevented from doing these activities
  • Bandwidth theft will be prevented. Bandwidth theft is another way of stealing photos and means that an internet user uses an image link from a website to extract the “URL photo” to place it on their website. Pro Photo Protection X removes the option of right-click on every portion of your website so that bandwidth theft is absolutely eliminated.
  • Pro Photo Protection X removes all the options through which visitors can steal your images or content, like copy-paste and drag-and-drop.
  • Pro Photo Protection X prevents email spamming too.

Outstanding Features of Pro Photo Protection X

  • Only place where you can get protection in a true sense for your online website
  • High quality software and technology
  • Fast work
  • Customized solutions
  • Additional help any time
  • Works for any of your gadget – Desktop, Mobile, Laptop, iPad

If you are not serious about the image and content theft of your website, visit the website of Pro Photo Protection X to understand how they can be misused. Get their protection now to run the website without any fear!

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