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Show Your Photography Talent to the World and Get Paid For It

Posted by on June 17, 2015

the way for awhileHave you ever thought of earning money on your photos? You have a good camera and are proud that you catch excellent photos. You travel a lot and catch photos of landscapes, Nature, wildlife, food, people, cultural and sports activities and much more in your camera, and show them to your friends and family after returning. It’s a good hobby and you were doing it just for the sake of satisfying your photography quirk. But what if you get a chance to monetize your art? Yes, I am talking sense. I have recently come to know about a website named which can help you earn money through your art of photography. Let me tell you more about it.

Fliiby Monetization Program

Fliiby Monetization Program is an amazing opportunity for amateur and professional photographers to earn extra money on their hobby or work. By now, either you might not have thought of making money on your photos or had thought of it but couldn’t succeed because of extremely complex procedures, various limitations, rules and regulations, and scams! But now it seems that you have finally made it – you have found out a program that can make justice to your creative hard work.

Fliiby is a far simpler way to publish and monetize your photos. The name Fliiby means File Library. Countless creative people like you including photographers, musicians, videographers and many more are using this amazing portal to show off their work, alongside earning money on it.

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Fliiby Monetization Program enables you to easily encode, host, publish and monetize any kind of digital content you create. You just have to upload your files, put in embed code on to your blog/site and earn money every time your photos are viewed and ads are shown. It is easy to use because of a complete encoding, file hosting, publishing and monetizing solution.

How to Monetize Your Photos with Fliiby?

For monetizing your photos with Fliiby, you will first need an account on which is free. While opening the account, keep at least three sample files ready to upload. You will have to fill the File Monetization program application and submit it. Fliiby team will review your application. The review process is quite strict and you will have to make sure that your photos match their terms and conditions. If your account is approved, you will have ads placed next to your photos. Whenever any viewer will click ads beside your photos, you will earn money – as simple as that!

You should keep in mind that even though your application is accepted and account is approved, the content you will publish publically will always be under the supervision of Fliiby team. Therefore, make it a point to produce only safe photos complying with their rules and regulations and/or get permission to upload them. Failure in this may result into blockage of your account, retention of payments and even deletion of your account.

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How Much Money Can You Earn?

This depends on some factors such as traffic sources, number of impressions, ad clicks and so on. There are dedicated “Earnings” and “Revenue Statistics” pages where you can check your earnings.

Who can Use the Program?

Anyone who can create any sort of digital content can use this program. Whether you are a photographer or a videographer, a writer or a designer, you can upload your content on Fliiby. The site is useful even for programmers and developers because they can have their zip files, apps, software, source codes etc stored on Fliiby.


Outstanding Features of Fliiby

Dynamic Storage: Fliiby features a dynamic storage model that calculates your storage space needs and consumption. In other words, you can get as much space as you require, as long as you use it to produce high quality, original photos.

Private Sharing: You can share your private image files and folders by the virtue of share URLs unique to them. Whenever you want to share your photos privately, you can track usage as well as revoke access when you wish.

Embedding: You can customize your account and style it your way through the Fliiby Player. With this, Fliiby ensures that your images can be seen on any device, with HTML 5 and Flash fallback.

Monetization: Once you upload your photos on Fliiby, you can just sit back and see your balance increasing, because Fliiby looks after everything from file hosting, delivery of ads and on time payouts.

Sophisticated Statistics: The advanced statistics of Fliiby allows you to track file views, downloads and likes, categorizing data by device, domain, location and more.

Multi-file Upload: Almost all file formats are supported by Fliiby and you can also see preview of your photos.

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Is there any Limit on File Size?

Yes, you can upload a file up to the size of 2000 MB. If you are a Fliiby Plus+ user, you can upload a file up to the size of 5GB.

However, Fliiby offers you a dynamic storage space model. Advantage of this is you get an extra 2x space of a file size if that file is approved to be public. E.g. you get a space of 2.0 GB and you upload a file of size 500 MB or 0.5 GB. If you get approval for this file to make it public, you get additional 1 GB of space.

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How Long Your Files will be Stored?

Users’ files are not removed by Fliiby, unless they violate their terms and conditions, or infringe someone else’s rights, like copyright.

Two Types of FilesYour files can be of two types:

  1. Private (can be accessed only by you)
  2. Public (can be accessed by anyone)

Public files are subject to checking mechanism since they show in the search and browse pages of Fliiby. There is an icon in the left corner of your photo, which shows you if that file is public or private when you hover over it.

How many Files should You Upload?

It is better to upload a few files daily. That way, you will save time and can focus on quality files. Also you can share your files one-by-one on social media more easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring those photos out which are confined to your computer. Show your talent to the world and get paid for it!

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