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Top 5 Ways to Utilize Your Photos

Posted by on January 8, 2017

dewdrops by Clarke MorleyYou capture awesome photos that your friends and family admire. You are passionate about photography and you can’t stop yourself from holding your camera to capture a breathtaking moment whenever you see one. But do you feel upset with the thought that you are not successful in selling your beautiful photos because of the huge competition in this field? Here are tips about what you can do with your photos.

1. Creating a Photo Library Website

Today creating a website and earning online has become an excellent profession. You might have read many advices on how to find a great niche and then develop a website. In your case, you don’t have to scratch your head much regarding a suitable niche because you have one already. So, you can create a website where you can display all your photos. An excellent example of this is Clarke Morley’s Photography. He captures fantastic photos and publish them on his website – what a great way to display one’s art! Watch some of his beautiful photos in this article and many more on his site.

2. Photoboooks

A photobook is probably an easiest way to store your photos and take any of them on print. You can just drag and drop your photos. With some tools you can create albums too. So, all your photos are safe online without adding to the clutter in your home.

Christmas geese by Clarke Morley

3. Add to Items

There are some tools with which you can add your favorite photos to your favorite items and personalize those items, like fridge magnets, coffee mugs, and more. The drawback of this method is that you can add only 1 photo or at the most 5-6 photos (but you have to work on creating a collage) to an item at a time.

4. Calendars

Creating calendars of your photos is a great way to give them as gifts. You can even add custom dates to them like birthdays, anniversaries etc. Receiving such a wonderful gift can definitely please your recipient.

dog by Clarke Morley

5. Share Photos

You can share your photos on social photo-sharing platforms like Instagram and Flickr, or even on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

By having a website for your photos or publishing them on photo-sharing sites can earn you reputation as a good photographer in the long run and can open up a way for you towards selling your photos for a good price.

dewdrops by Clarke Morley