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5 Important Factors You Should Consider to Design an Impressive Photography Business Card

Posted by on July 31, 2020

photographer business cardA business card is not only the first step towards the marketing of your business but also a surefire way to attract people towards your business. A photography business is no exception; it also needs a killer business card to give your business a strong boost. A good business card can be your best marketing tool for your photography business. Here are 5 important factors you should consider to create an outstanding photography business card.

1. Design

The design of your card is the first and foremost important factor you should ponder upon. The beauty of a business card is that despite being small-sized, it offers a great scope for creativity so that you can even have cheap cute business cards. You can either have a catchy design on only one side of the card or on both the sides. Choose a design that will communicate with your customers in just the first glance.

For example, you can choose a design that resembles the things used in photography such as film or camera. Or you can replicate a photograph or a particular style of photography that you specialize in. You can even use an actual photograph as the backdrop of your card.

Take the time to research. Check the cards of your competitors. Note common design elements that are presently most used, most relevant and most working. The research will help you decide the best design for yourself.

cheap cute business cards

2. Content

After choosing a design, the next important step is to choose what content you should include in your card. Firstly it’s a good idea to keep your information clean and brief, cutting down the unnecessary stuff. Make sure you only keep the information useful to the customers. Avoid over-cluttering. Keep the contact information clear; include yours and your agency’s name, address and phone numbers and your website if you have one.

If you’ve chosen a double-sided or folding card, you can even include your social media accounts which nowadays give a lot of success in terms of customer interaction and sales conversions.


3. Visuals

Next important factors are color themes and visual appeal. Most photography companies prefer colors like white, black or sepia tones to indicate photography effects. You can even choose the modern minimalistic approach or try vintage themed colors. Think on the photographs you or your company prefers to produce and what color schemes are commonly used within them.

Adding visual elements such as small portions of your photographs, geometric shapes or photo lenses is also a good idea. These visual elements are sure to improve the appeal of your photographer business card; so you can use them generously. Also, make sure you play with your business card whenever time permits by trying out various color combinations and checking what effects they create.

4. Material

The material of the card is important in the sense that your card should not be easily bent, folded and torn. The better the quality of the material of your card, the better will be the impression of your recipient. There are so many types of materials including hard paper, plastic and even metal.

Besides water resistance, the amount of ink the material will accept should also be considered. This is even more important when you’re going to print on both sides of the card. The material of business cards also decides the finishing options since certain materials may be incompatible with the finishing options you need. You should consider all these points while choosing the material for your card.

5. Finishing Options

Most card design and printing services offer a range of finishing options, such as embossing, debossing, foil stamping, die cutting etc. which enhance the overall effectiveness of the card. But on the other hand, too many of them can even make your card totally ineffective by distracting your customers’ attention and making your information hard to figure out.

photographer business cards foil

Your business card is going to bring a change to your business and so, it should be carefully chosen. Create a super effective business card and gain success.