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A Broken Camera – What to Do with It?

Posted by on September 14, 2015

broken camera 1Whether you’re a professional or an amateur photographer, chances are your camera will be broken at one point in life. Even if you’re not clumsy and you take a good care of your photography gear, things like that do happen.

What to Do if You Have Broken A Camera?

broken camera 2First of all, it’s important not to panic. To make the most of this terrible situation, your emotions have to take back seat to common sense. If you panic, you’ll only make it worse; new mistakes will be costly in their own right.  Focus on picking up the pieces of your camera. Make sure you grabbed all the pieces before they get lost, especially if you’ve broken a camera out in public. Since you don’t know how important each little piece can be in putting your camera back in order, once again I suggest you to pick them all.

In case your camera didn’t fly free from your breaking camera, it’s wise to take it out. Why? In case your camera is still (more or less) in function, parts that try to move, although they are not lined up, might do more damage. So, to avoid a fatal outcome, power off your digital camera. Before sending back camera for repair, make sure your flash card isn’t still in it. Believe it or not, a flash card is a fairly solid device and it will probably retain the images recorded to it. I’m not saying you should drop it in the river and expect everything to be alright, since corrosives do cause damage, but you’ll see that things that do harm to your camera don’t have to be fatal to your images.

Finally, don’t try to fix your camera, especially if it’s not completely broken. Unless you are an expert at this, you’ll only make the repair bill higher. So, leave your expensive Canon or Nikon DSLR camera to the pros. If you’re interested in learning about camera repairs, start with some cheaper items.

Should You Repair or Replace a Camera?

broken camera 4Film cameras are rather hard to find right now, and it seems it will be even more and more difficult to repair them. Obviously, if you’re in love with your vintage camera, you’ll need to pay a little more for its repairs. On the other hand, if your camera is digital, you have more repair solutions. Still, in some cases, the cost of repairing a modern, digital camera might even surpass the cost of its replacement. So, before making a final decision, compare the cost of purchasing a new camera and repair costs. If it costs almost as much, or even more, to repair your camera, it’s better to think about buying a new one. Usually, repairing a digital camera can cost 30% of the cost to purchase a new one. Thus, if you have a really expensive, new camera and you’re comfortable with its functions, it’s worth considering to repair it, especially if the damages are inexpensive. One thing you should also take into account is whether your camera is covered under a warranty or not. In case it’s not, it’s more recommend to go ahead and replace it, since you’ll probably need to pay the full price of the repair. Here I have a little piece of advice for you: record the warranty information some place easy to retrieve. In case you know where it is, check what your warranty covers. In most cases, however, negligence and similar incidents aren’t covered. But, if your warranty doesn’t cover an accidents, your renters or homeowners insurance policy might! So, make sure to check everything before heading to the repair shop.

A reputable camera repair company such as will surely give you an advice whether it would be more cost-effective to have your camera replaced or repaired. For example, serious water damage is usually a sign that a camera should be replaced. If you decide to repair your camera, make sure you ask how long the repair might take and how much it will cost.

Camera Repair Types

broken camera 5Although cameras can break for numerous reasons, there are some issues that are most likely to occur. When it comes to digital cameras, a broken zoom lens and cracked LCD screen are probably the commonest repairs. Also, people send their cameras to be repaired because of faulty zoom operations and broken battery covers. I’ve also seen some other camera problems, such as malfunctioning auto focus or lens, dead battery, as well as stuck or broken remote shutter.

How to Find A Repair Expert?

It takes some diligence to find a camera repair expert. While researching, it’s important to look for the service provider who has experience repairing your device. Although this is especially important for people who have older equipment, it’s recommended for high-end cameras, too. If you have Nikon camera, you should look for a company that has a good reputation for working with that manufacturer’s digital cameras, such as – nikon. To learn more about repair company’s reputation, check out for clients’ honest reviews.Whether you have digital or film camera, some questions you’ll surely have to ask a repair expert. You’ll need to get information on prices and services, so make sure they are clearly itemized and labeled. Also, it’s of high importance to know the expected turn-around time and what’s their return policy. Keep in mind that local camera shops usually offer repair and the service and, yes, prices do vary greatly. So, ask around and get free estimates in order to find the best offer.

What if Nothing Works?

broken-camera 3So, your camera is a total loss and you have to accept that terrible fact. But, don’t just throw it away! Since repair shops can use some parts of the body and put them on other broken cameras, you might be able to sell your “trash”. At least you’ll get enough money to buy a drink to help you get over your broken camera. Move on and think about this in a positive manner; you got the chance to shop for better, newer and faster camera!