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Matted or Flush Mount Album? Which One Should You Choose?

Posted by on May 12, 2017

wedding albumOne of the things a soon-to-be-married couple has to do is to pick the style and type of their wedding album. In general, when deciding on a book to put your photo memories in, you have two styles to choose from: matted and flush mount. Which one is better? The answer to this question isn’t simple; it depends on your own personal taste. Let’s take a look at major characteristics of both album types to make it easier for you to decide. 

Matted albums are characterized by “old school”, more formal feel. The photos sit recessed into the album page, surrounded by a thicker matte paper and they look like printed photos in matted frames. Since the mattes are usually hand-cut and laid over the photos, a matted book can display as many photos per page as you want. Bespoke Flush Mount albums have a more modern feel; multiple photos are graphically designed onto pages, which are afterwards permanently dry-mounted into the book. Check out Agape Albums to get the better idea about bespoke Flush Mount albums.

A matted album is classically elegant with attention to detail; the paper is of a distinctive weight and texture which makes these albums both a tactile and visual keepsake. Although they can hold as many images as you would like on each page, they usually display fewer photos and that can force viewers to appreciate each photo individually. For this reason, most photographers still prefer matted albums.

Similar to a magazine spread, flush mount albums are designed to showcase multiple photos. The photos are the pages, there’s no matte around them. If you choose this type of a wedding album, it will not limit you to certain photo dimensions (such as 5×7 or 4×6). Designers prefer flush mount books because they provide enormous flexibility and freedom. It’s possible to tie in a monogram or text, or whatever design element you want, with your wedding colors or theme to bring all important wedding design details together.

So, if you opt for clean, modern lines, a flush mount album would be an ideal choice for you.  Those who like classic style with nostalgic feel should, however, choose a matted book.