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Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Family Photos

Posted by on July 5, 2017

Many people hire amateur photographers for everything from birthday party photos to family portrait sessions. Even though it’s alright to ask a photo-savvy cousin or friend to do a newborn photo session, there are some things that only professionals can offer. An experienced Houston lifestyle photographer helped me understand why hiring a professional photographer for family photo session might be the best choice.

When you hire a pro photographer, obviously, they are there to work for you. This means there’s no need to worry whether you’re taking up too much of their (free) time, you can request multiple changes of style, location, poses, compositions etc. If you’re photographed by a friend, you might feel that you are making the photo session uncomfortable for them by being too demanding. Here I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be respectful of a professional photographer’s time (and nerves), but with a pro it’s usually rather easy to set limits.

Some amateur photographers posses expensive camera equipment, but even if they know how to use it properly, professionals almost certainly have advanced, more sophisticated photographic equipment (and they are more skilled to make use of it). Though it might not seem so, lighting umbrella, remote flash, light meters, a special lens all could make a significant difference when family portraits are being shot. A special lens, for example, allows capturing different formats.

A work of a photographer does not end once the photo session is complete. After you head back home, a photographer has to cull through many images that have been taken to pick the best ones and edit them. An editing process is rather time-consuming and it calls for photo editing tools and skills. Basically, even if an amateur photographer captures amazing shots, a pro would edit them in a more effective manner.

Finally, a pro know how to direct people, including kids. Frankly, it isn’t that easy to get everybody sit still together looking beautiful and happy. Professional photographers know how to get everybody’s attention, informing their subjects about the next steps etc. Additionally, they are able to help everybody get more comfortable while being in front of the camera.