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2 Easy Party Photography Tips – Avoid Dead-Center and Use Jaunty Angles

Posted by on October 18, 2013

damir urban photo partyBeing an event photographer at parties can be fun, but tricky. In this article, we will try to share some tips with to improve your party photos. Are you in charge of taking photos at some company’s anniversary in Perth, for example? We will try to help you to improve your skills and become one of the best event photographers Perth can offer. Even if you are an amateur photographer in charge of taking pics at someone’s birthday party, these tips will possibly help you get more interesting and better photography shots.

First of all, we’ll assume that you are already into photography and that you know the basics. So, if you encounter a concept or a term that doesn’t sound familiar to you, check out some articles regarding the basics of photography. So, let’s take a look at photography tips you should keep in mind at your next job as a party photographer.

When you try to take a photo of a group of people, they usually arrange themselves, shoulder to shoulder, into a straight line. If, however, they are sitting on a couch, they would expect a photographer to take a photo from the dead center. The outcome in both cases is a boring photograph. A party is a fast-paced, dynamic and exciting environment, so there is no enough time or room to arrange a group into some interesting configurations. As a photographer, you have to make your shots less boring. For example, a step to the left (or right) from the dead center will definitely add depth to group photos, since one side of the group will be further to the lens, imparting a feeling of depth and making more captivating composition.

Also, try using a jaunty angle (also known as a canted or a Dutch angle). This photography technique can be used to develop an interesting and captivating composition from a rather dull scene. Your photos will look more alive and dynamic if you do some jaunty angles. However, this technique can be a bit tricky if photographers don’t keep the composition in their minds. Additionally, photographers are often more able to get the best angles of their subjects using a Dutch angle.