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4 Important Shots You Should Capture as a Corporate Event Photographer

Posted by on July 11, 2020

lensologyCorporate event photography may not attract every aspiring photographer as a career. But the fact is that it’s extremely interesting and can even be fun depending on the project. You can fully enjoy it given the inspirational speeches of speakers, people professional and easy enough to work with, and an overall elite atmosphere.

Experts at, a South Florida based full-service event photography agency, share a few important shots you should capture while photographing corporate events.

1. VIP Portraits

In every corporate event, VIPs are invited. They are experts in their own fields or local or national celebrities and are invited to grace the event with their presence. Naturally, your client will surely want a lot of photographs of them.

If the VIPs are someone big like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, you can easily identify them and capture their photographs. But sometimes you may not be aware of who the VIPs or chief guests are. In any case, it’s crucial to ask for a list of your clients’ VIPs well ahead of time and also someone who can help you identify them.

Another important thing to remember is to know the perimeters of filming these VIPs since some celebrities may be camera-conscious.

Make sure you get posed portraits of the VIPs on a backdrop of signage so that it would prove that they were present at the event.

2. Shots of Speakers

It’s as important to take shots of the main speakers at the event as is taking shots of VIPs. Thus, you’ll have to also make sure that you get the event program and find out who the keynote speakers are. Discuss with your client to organize posed shots of the speakers alone as well as with VIPs. Also make sure you get a number of shots of the speakers from various angles while s/he is giving a speech.

3. Shots of Attendees

Based on the kind of event you’ll be shooting, most attendees will try to look their best and want themselves photographed. Looking at the attendees, you can easily identify ones who are well-dressed and energetic, looking for getting photographed. Sometimes your client will tell you to shoot them or sometimes they on their own will tell you. In any case, respect their wish and capture the shots. But don’t photograph someone who is not ready for it.

4. Bird’s Eye View

Before the event starts, find a vantage point from where you can take bird’s eye view shots of the event. This should show the full room. If the room isn’t that full, find angles or crops that will portray the room as moderately full. Your client will appreciate your extra effort.

In addition, you can capture candid shots of VIPs, speakers and attendees mingled with each other and with your client. Plus, you should capture the major ceremonies like any inaugurations, launches etc. All this will reward you in the form of more demand and business, to help you succeed as a corporate event photographer.