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Bird Photography Tips

Posted by on April 15, 2013

Kestrel_1Like photographing other animals, photographing birds is quite challenging and from time to time frustrating. It seems that they never sit still and if a photographer got too close, they would fly away. And no matter how long your lens is, it seem that photographing birds requires a longer lens. We will share some tips with you on more successful and satisfying photographing these beautiful animals.

  • First of all, try to take photos of birds in direct sunlight. It is recommended for at least two reasons. First of all, sunlight creates even lightning on your objects which is useful if you want to avoid those harsh shadows hiding details in the feathers of the bird. Also, sunlight gets a faster shutter speed which helps in freezing the action of the bird.
  • Be patient, sit still and wait the bird to fly to you. Because of their tendency to fly away if a photographer gets too close to them, it’s better to wait patiently for birds to come to you. If a photographer is patient long enough, birds won’t think he / she is a threat and they will possibly land just several feet away from you.
  • Continuous shooting and lots lots lots of shots. No matter what you do, birds will always move around too much. So, photograph them rapidly to be sure they are caught while standing still in a nice pose.

*Take a look at lovely Bird photos at Irish Photography Website. These nice and well done images will give you some fresh ideas and you can also check other photos taken by the same photographer, especially Macro photos (for nature lovers), Long Exposures, Street Art photos to really feel the vibe of the city life and events. For more information on his work, check out: