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Corporate Photography – Combine Tradition with Modernity

Posted by on January 27, 2014

corporate photographyFor years, corporate photography was represented by images of smiling professionals in business attire and their handshakes. While most companies have smartly shifted from this look, this traditional style of corporate imagery is still abundantly found.

However, times are changing. Clients expect personality and distinctness, equally as they need professionalism. E.g. big companies in New York City (especially in Midtown) always need corporate photography with a difference and uniqueness, whether it’s head shots of executives to use on investor reports or photos of corporate events. Those who are aware of these expectations use custom photography (rather than stock photos) to help catch the personality of the company and its employees. They do this by working with an innovative corporate photographer. There are some things you should consider while photographing in the corporate world.


Headshots are necessary and important; however, when you look around in brochures and on the web, you will see the same monotonous pose – a three-quarter image of the person from about chest-level on a solid backdrop (generally blue or gray). Nothing reflects boring, stiff and uncreative than this sort of shot. Some of you will argue that the culture of some kinds of companies, like law firms, needs this traditional style; but it is still possible to combine the traditional and more modern.


Consider more natural poses. And if the company’s approach is not traditional, there is a lot of scope for your creativity. That may include relaxed settings, shots of working employees and unique angles. The thing to consider for headshots is to keep them apt for the type of company and to ensure that the images give a good first impression.

Team Photos

Team photos are commonly taken in corporate photo sessions and form a great way to show who the company is made of. Unless the company has a particular dress code, having employees dressed alike brings about the idea of conformity instead of the uniqueness that most companies are looking for. Another way to indicate the personality of a company and its culture is to use non-traditional venues for the photos. Rather than standing beneath the office signage, you can go for a shot of the team at a ping-pong table or at a sporting event.

team photo

Being Natural

While the photos are taken, most people pose awkwardly and get stiffened up. To avoid this, try to bring fun and light-heartedness to the session. Try getting around and take images of people in their environment (without coming in their way). Another way is to ask the coordinator to keep a secret about the photo session, and you will get the most natural, candid shots.

unconventional locations

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