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Having a Perfect Backdrop for Your Image

Posted by on February 15, 2015

lightning4If you are not a professional photographer, you can hardly find a perfect backdrop for catching portraits. However it’s the courtesy to the modern technology, that now you can add or remove whichever backdrop you want or don’t want. You can find a suitable backdrop or blur the existing one. You can get your desired digital backdrops and create perfect shots. Here are some tips.


We are so engrossed in catching the photo of the ‘subject’ that our minds entirely work on positions, setting and pushing the shutter, and during this we often forget about the backdrop which may look awfully distracting. But we realize it only when we see the photo on the computer screen.


Cropping out such a distracting backdrop is actually zooming on the subject. If you want to crop the image to make the backdrop less distracting, you have to keep only some things in mind: i) the more the resolution and your cropping, the more difficult will it be for you to maintain clarity and sharpness of the image, ii) you should crop the image proportionately, i.e. if the image is 12 x 18 you should crop it in the multiples of 12 and 18. This is for avoiding unusual dimensions.


Clone Stamping

This is another trick to cut out the distractions. For example, if there is a water bottle placed on grass on the backdrop which you want to remove, crop option is not perfect for this, but with clone stamping you can make the grass next to it to cover it.



With Photoshop and other programs, it is super easy to pick the right background with just a click of the mouse. With these modern photo editing tools, you can easily replace the entire backdrop of an image with a click and drag.


Have a Shallow Depth of a Field

Having a shallow depth of a field will certainly blur out the backdrop making it less distracting and letting your subject shine. However remember that there should be depth behind the subject, only then this is the most effective. So, ensure that your subject is quite far away from the background or pick a very open aperture such as f5.6 or less.sunset-backdrops-2 offer one of the most comprehensive collections of digital backdrops, all of which are designed to fulfill yours or your photography business’s requirements. Take a look at some of their superb digital backdrops here and a lot more on their website.

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