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Posted by on March 23, 2012

There will always be open discussions about advantages or disadvantages and comparing digital and film photography. Even though there are some benefits of taking photos with digital cameras, some photographers lovers simply adore film photography. Film photography is less commercial and thus manuals, books and tips are not so available. is an online place that will help you learn film photography. Also, this website offers a lot of film camera reviews, books reviews as well as interviews with famous film photography experts.

Interviews with photographers are very nice and educational and they include similar questions about photography beginnings, what subjects and stories are their inspiration and what education is, by their opinion required for a good photographer. Every photographer in his/her interview speaks openly and honestly and hence by reading them, many things can be learned. Interviews always include advice and recommendation for young or photographers at the beginning of their career. is very useful website and with only a few clicks many doubts and problems about film photography (as well as photography in general) can be solved out. If you are interested in learning and reading more about photography, but you are not sure which book to buy, can help you by offering Book and Magazines reviews. Check out this nice looking website full of useful tips and ideas and you will be delighted for sure. is an amazing online place to help you learn, develop and improve your photography skills and technique.