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Top 3 Tips to Make Boudoir Photography Easy and Enjoyable

Posted by on September 18, 2021

If you’re wondering whether you should work on boudoir photography, don’t think much and start working! You’ll be surprised to know how popular this style of photography is and how it can be useful to you. It can tremendously improve your skill of capturing portraits, highlight your unique approach and can even be a fun addition to your portfolio. Here are a few tips that will help you realize how boudoir photography can be easy and enjoyable.

1. Which Camera and Lens to Choose

As per Michael Jones at Sin City Boudoir Photography, first thing to remember is that your camera should be easy for you to hold and focus. Since a digital DSLR camera is lightweight, simple to use and able to cycle through several frames per minute, it’s a perfect choice for boudoir photography. You should especially look for a DSLR which has a light body and various light settings. Based on your budget, you may go for an inexpensive DSLR camera body, and then choose to spend a little more on a lens.

It’s a good idea to choose a 35mm or 50mm zoom lens. High-quality lens will give you great results that will amaze your clients. Such a lens will offer you control over light, exposure and depth of field.

An excellent option is a 35mm f/2 since it enables you to capture images fast and efficiently. The f/2 feature lets the lens adapt well to low light conditions sans generating excessive contrast or sharpness.

The other option of 50mm lens is supposed to be a solid prime lens. It can be adjusted easily according to the lighting and composition of your boudoir images, with little to no distortion of images. It’s a perfect lens to photograph your client in a setting, instead of a close up.

Irrespective of the type of lens you choose, make sure it comes with a zoom feature so it can capture a variety of shots during your shoot.

2. Which Location to Choose

Next important thing to ponder upon is which location you should choose. Well, the location should be such that it would create just the right mood. This means your client should become comfortable and feel sexy so as to let the images become the best.

Light plays an important role in boudoir photography. If you don’t want to bother yourself with a complicated lighting arrangement, it’s best to look for a location with ample natural light, diffused behind light-colored blinds or curtains if possible. It’s better to avoid locations with fluorescent light or harsh top light as these types of light are unattractive. A naturally and brightly lit room or studio is a perfect location for boudoir photography.

If you have to do outdoor boudoir photography, choose a location with bright natural light but also with cloud coverage. This will avoid glare. The time of sunset can also offer great lighting, ideal for boudoir photography.

It’s also important that the location should be spacious and open enough to let you move freely around and pose your client. It should never be busy or cluttered, and should complement your subject and make them feel comfortable.


3. Wardrobe and Props

Sin City Boudoir Photography expert Michael Jones says that boudoir photography is about generating an alluring mood and not showing maximum skin possible. It’s better to ask your subject to bring a few garments, which don’t have all to be undergarments.

Since your client will be wearing only a few clothes, you should make sure they are comfortable by keeping the space warm. But you should also make sure it’s not too hot, especially if two people are shooting with multiple lights. Also provide soft cushions and furnishings to make your subject comfortable. Make sure you keep a dressing gown ready for your client for downtime, too.

Phoenix Boudoir Photography expert

Once you get into it and follow the above tips, you’ll start enjoying boudoir photography and the improvement it will bring to your photography skills. All the best!