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Great Photographer is One who Catches Great Photos

Posted by on February 9, 2014

Lifestyle_Casestudy_ImageWhat do people expect from photographers? Simply, excellent photographs! Whether it is portraits or landscapes, products or memoirs, or locations or events – people just expect great photos. They don’t know what photographers do to make their photos great, which equipment do they use, in what angles do they shoot, or what type of lighting and facial expressions do they need. They want that when they look at a photo they should feel good. And this is the key factor of the work of William Paltridge and Mark Scadding – commercial photographers based in Bournemouth, Dorset in the UK. At their website Double Exposure, you can get a proof of their talent.

William Paltridge and Mark Scadding have degree level qualifications from one of the most reputed art institutions in the UK and run a studio named The Picture House, which is perfect for their clients being in a truly unique building and having access to some of the best professional facilities. Both of them are very happy to work in their studio as well as on outdoor locations. Together as a team, they bounce ideas off each other to find what best can be achieved for their clients.

Mark and William are expert in some major fields of photography, like lifestyle photography, product photography, interior photography and food photography. Just as an example, their work in lifestyle photography in Bournemouth should be taken as an epitome of creativity, which they had produced in late 2012 for BH Creative. It started in Christchurch and ended in Bournemouth town center, on some of the numerous lovely locations in these Dorset towns. Three essential elements of lifestyle photography – good art direction, communication and awareness of lighting – have come together just superbly in these photographs. Not just an expert photographer, but any common person watching these photos will realize their beauty and the expertise with which they have been shot.

Regarding lifestyle photography, William and Mark believe in working on photographs of people telling a story, whether it is their interaction with a product or a location, which really enhances an ad, a brochure or a website. For interior photography, they believe in a blend of technical skills and a vision to look at a space creatively – understanding the light, shape and form of an environment which can create a lasting impression. For product photography, they strive to achieve the right image for individual catalogues, brochures and the brand. And for food photography, they go to a variety of locations to catch some stunning preparation-styled images and also shoot in their studio to get close shots, showing off color and texture of the foods and drinks, to make them look special.

This video will tell you more about their working style.