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“Pure” Label by George A. Rauscher

Posted by on August 20, 2013

pureBack in the last two decades of the previous century, young women who let respected photographers to take pictures of them were considered greatly honored and lucky. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of the Internet, the term photographer, the profession and occupation seem to lose the former notability. If you only own a decent camera, you can call yourself a photographer. George A. Rauscher imagined and created the “Pure” label to restore the art of photography and the perception to the original significance of a photographer.

The term “pure” comes from the Latin word “purus”, which means unmixed and pure. What George A. Rauscher wants with the name of the new label is to remind us of the natural beauty of models. The “Pure” guarantees nothing is edited to change neither the figure, nor the face shape of beautiful models, it exclusively perfects their eyes and skin. Naturalness, purity, genuineness and the ease of the natural grace of young women is in the focus, the forefront.

“Pure Jeans” label respects these values and the models for the label will be photographed exclusively in jeans. Because of the requirements of naturalness and purity, only model that conform to this image, meaning young women with a slim, sporty figure, natural radiance and beautiful facial features can be accepted. This also means that girls with piercings and tattoos cannot become Pure Jeans models.

For more information on this label and the portfolio of George A. Rauscher, check out this webpage:

There is nothing absolutely pure in this world, but should we yearn for the purity? George A. Rauscher has new vision, so we will follow his attempts to succeed.