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Showing the True Spirit of Rio to the World

Posted by on May 5, 2014

photograph_slide2Two Londoner photographer friends once arrived in a magical city called Rio de Janeiro and fell in love with the city so much that they decided to take a huge chunk of the fun there back to London to show others how people live passionately, uncontrollably! The two friends were Luoman and Jason Hawkes – Independent Leader photographers who created a lifestyle brand as decided – Independent Leaders, which was totally different than they had ever seen before.

Jason Hawkes is an aerial photographer since 1991 based outside London and travels throughout the world for his work. His work ranges from single days for architectural visualization firms to organization of multi shoot ads for big ad agencies. He does everything from arranging helicopters and the permits required as well as production. On his clientele list there are big names like National Geographic, Nokia, American Airlines, Mitsubishi, Coca Cola, Siemens, HP, O2, HSBC, BP BT, Nike, Citi, Rolex, Smirnoff, Toyota, Samsung, Ford, NatWest, and of course Independent Leaders.

Luoman on the other hand is more proficient in exploring the abstract sides of photography with local knowledge about Rio de Janeiro – like capturing the movement of world’s largest carnival and stunning landscapes of the beach and urban life of Rio.

Jason and Luoman had come to Rio to escape from the routine work schedule and found that Rio is an exceptionally adorable city full of life, fun, colors, sex and freedom. The city is brimming with energy right from dawn till dusk and embraced them with open arms as they fell in love with Rio, Rio too loved them. At that moment, the photographer duo decided to adopt the independent spirit of Rio people who live passionately, beyond the rules of the society, and thus Independent Leaders was born.

The mission of Independent Leaders is to inspire a movement to live a free and confident life.

On the site you can see the stunning images of Rio, rising and setting sun beyond palms and ocean, boats, green fields with neat avenues crisscrossing them, rivers, bridges and outstanding colors of the carnival.

Along with the fabulous art of photography, they also have fashion, high quality menswear and music in their store. Just take a look to have an amazing experience.