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Valeria Figallo Photography Website – A Pleasant Surprise

Posted by on June 29, 2013

logo-ValeriaSometimes while going haphazardly through the vast world of internet, we come across some stunning websites all of a sudden and we are wonderstruck. Recently I came across such a website related to Valeria Figallo photography and I was impressed. Valeria Figallo, nicknamed Val, is a 22-year old talented photographer, designer and model from Peru, who has displayed her work on the website and I must say that the level of professionalism and talent seen from the photos is remarkable.

The photos on the website include those of some exceptionally beautiful and professional models like Elba, who has been recently crowned Miss Peru and will represent the nation for the Miss World 2013 beauty pageant.  

elba-miss Peru

You will also see some of unusually pretty and photogenic models on Valeria’s website like Laura, Claudia Maria, Denisse, Natalia, Loli Camarillo, Yedida, Lorena, Adriana, Adri Vainilla and many more. Stunning male models like Yannick and many others have also been photographed superbly by Valeria. All these photos evidence the great talent of Valeria as a photographer.

laura-model 1

But she has more talents too! She herself is a great model, which is seen when you see her self-portraits. Her professionalism is seen here too. Plus the photos show innovation, creativity and freshness.

self portrait

Valeria has also designed some websites, which too you can see on her website. Simple, easy-to-navigate, yet comprehensive, these websites are again evidences of Valeria’s talent.   She has even photographed the meeting of two great chefs Gaston and Roland, as assigned to her by RedBull, which too you can see on her website.

chefs' meeting

All in all, Valeria Figallo is a multi-talented photographer and if you want to see what you can achieve at a very young age, you should visit her website.