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Venice Carnival – A Wonderful Subject for Photography

Posted by on February 23, 2014

venice carnivalIf you are looking for a travel destination where you can catch lots and lots of excellent photos in your camera, Venice and especially Venice Carnival is perfect. As a proof, watch the stunning photos of Venice carnival by Eleanor Marriott. You will meet a lot of happening, colors, music, and everything needed to create an atmosphere kindling the photographer inside you. You should be there for the carnival on 15th February and can stay up to 4th March to enjoy the festival, take photos, meet people and have fun.

So, it’s carnival season again and professional photographer Eleanor Marriott is capturing the essence of the Venice Carnival with her images covering everything from the processions to the people in costume, to the costumiers and mask makers themselves.

carnival ashore canal

mask-wearing boy

bird-like mask

The key attraction of Venice Carnival is the beautiful masks. People are allowed to remain masked from 5th October till Christmas and then immediately from the next day i.e. from St. Stephen’s Day (26th December) till the carnival, and so, they can spend a lot of time in disguise. Naturally mask makers have a special status in the Venetian society. They have their own laws and also their own guild. So, Eleanor Marriott has captured the two most important elements of the carnival – the masks and the mask makers, which are interesting to observe.



mask-wearing girl

On any occasion, children’s photos are always attractive and if they are dressed for the occasion, they look even more fascinating. Eleanor has captured such wonderful children’s photos too during the carnival.

tiger-like childtwo children

Whether it is children or adults, chocolates are everyone’s favorite. And carnival is a not-to-miss opportunity to enjoy chocolates, candies and cookies.


And after all, whether it is carnival or not, Venice has its own unending charm with its canals and gondolas. Have a look at these wonderful photos of the world-famous waterways and transportation.



Eleanor specializes in travel imagery and her work has drawn comparisons with star photographers. You can check out her blog here: and join over a thousand followers for more photos taken from her travels.