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Artistic Photography – Sheer Joy!

Posted by on July 31, 2011

Hi friends! I hope you all are having fun! I want to share with you something exciting, I recently came across. And it was a photography website, where I saw amazing artistic photography , done by Husac Lucian, the founder of the website, and many other talented photographers from around the world! The name of the website is

What is exciting about FreeArtisticPhotos is the wonderful photos taken by its founder Husac Lucian are absolutely free for you to use them for non-commercial purpose. Looking at the photo quality, offering them for free, is really generous on Husac’s part.

All the images are high quality and there is also a facility to see them in high resolution and enjoy them more by looking at the splendid, artistic details in them.

If you love artistic photography and take beautiful pictures, which you wish to show to the world, FreeArtisticPhotos is an excellent platform for you. You can submit your photos here and world will see and admire them. You can also get a connoisseur patron for your photos and your art will be reciprocated in terms of money. Yes, you can sell your photos too through FreeArtisticPhotos!

Husac Lucian, who is based in Timisora, Romania, is a talented photographer, who loves to travel, taking with him his camera, with a view to show the amazing places he visits to the visitors of his website too, through his camera. By displaying his utterly artistic photography on FreeArtisticPhotos, he obtains sheer joy, plus a constant improvement in his photography skills, which he is especially fond of.

The variety of types available on FreeArtisticPhotos is terrific and includes animal photos, artistic photos, photos of flowers, children, people, architectural wonders, landscape photos, seascape photos, and other Nature’s photos, and so on. For the lovers of black and white photos, there is an amazing range of those photos too. If you want these fantastic photos for commercial use or high resolution, you can buy them too.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting When are you going to visit it?