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Tips on Shooting Wildlife Photography

Posted by on June 14, 2012

Taking full –frame head shots of wildlife is always not wise, you can capture those head shots in zoo. Adding the atmosphere along with an animal provides a place sense, and in case if the location is outstanding then it becomes an important part of your photography. But still, you should focus on the subject in the frame to make your point.

Shooting a wildlife photography from a vehicle

Shooting from a vehicle can take you closer to the animal sometimes, photography from a vehicle is always better compared to photos taken on foot. For instance, today majority of national parks have their own vehicles and they event take the visitors on their vehicle to show them around and help them in taking beautiful pictures and they know that it is not risky.

While shooting from a vehicle you should make sure to use a strong and stable platform that connects to the driver’s door properly when you roll down the windows to shoot. Some people use a bag filled with uncooked rice, coarse sand or beans for this purpose. You can taken am empty pouch along with you and fill it up with rice, sand of beans when you arrive at the destination of shooting.

There are various options for finding wildlife, even if you stay inside the city. Internet is one option that you can use for locating wildlife. Internet will provide you with many options to choose from. For instance, one of the popular subjects to shoot in wildlife is frogs, and poison dart frogs especially. These frogs are very bright in color, they are poisonous but if they are under captivation, they will not do any harm.

Shooting Wildlife photography in a perfect way by keeping everything ready

Along with shooting wildlife photography in sunlight, it is great if you use your tripod while shooting. If you think you can’t use tripod, make use of some other stable support like bean bag like I said earlier for the proper support.

If you think you can afford to buy image stabilization lenses, you should get it. They will help you in shooting wildlife photography by getting sharp images even in low light. They reduce the movement of camera when hold them, this will give you more flexibility while shooting.