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Waterproof Camera – Maintenance

Posted by on March 10, 2012

Underwater photography is challenging and photos can be really amazing, but taking underwater photographs requires appropriate camera and equipment. On the market, there are various waterproof cameras, but not all of them are suitable for every use. So, before buying one, it is always recommended to check out waterproof camera review – it is very helpful for making decisions. Waterproof cameras require special care, before and after the diving. Preparation is important to avoid ruining these expensive cameras and of course after the underwater shooting, properly cleaning and maintenance are necessary.

After salt-water diving, 30 minutes fresh water bath is what camera needs, as soon as possible. Majority of problems for waterproof cameras are caused by residual salt. In order to allow water to clean all camera housing parts, it is good to press buttons, especially the power button, to twist all knobs. It is quite logical that the housing should not be opened until it is completely dry. After assuring that the camera is totally dry, it is ready to be stored until the next underwater shooting. The device should be kept in cool place away from the direct sunlight.

O-rings maintenance is the key to keeping waterproof cameras in well condition. Inspecting O-rings is necessary prior and after the dive. Any crack carries the risk, so if in doubt whether it is usable or not, better just replace it. Otherwise, that crack could cause problems. Batteries and lights should be always checked before the dive, because there is no possibility of changing or fixing them when the camera gets wet.

Once again, not all waterproof cameras are the same and user manuals include all the instructions for the proper maintenance. For more information on waterproof cameras, check out where you can read reviews to help you decide which one is perfect for your own needs.