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3 Simple Tips to Make Your Wedding Photography Assignments Successful

Posted by on July 27, 2020

Sydney wedding photographerYou’ve chosen an extremely interesting career of wedding photography and are excited to start your work. Got your first assignment and experiencing the bewilderment of whether you’d be successful or not? Don’t worry. You just have to learn and understand a few simple things, and you’ll soon master your job. Here they are.

1. Capture the Firsts

Whether it’s Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom or anyone else, wedding is a very big day in every couple’s life. They want every moment of it to get captured in the camera which although is not possible, they certainly deserve all their milestone first moments to be captured. These include the first kiss, first dance and first look. But your clients may even plan their own special “first moments”. As a professional Sydney wedding photographer, know about these special moments beforehand so that you can capture them.

Plan well to capture the firsts and make sure you’re prepared to capture the best shot. Since these first moments pass quickly, you should be ready well ahead of time.

SPLENDID wedding Gallery first look

The best strategy for making sure you capture the first moments well is to have a high shutter speed for your camera so that you are able to take multiple photos quickly without a delay. This way, during post-processing, you’ll have a series of photos in hand of which you can choose the best ones.

Also, look for various angles of these first moments. For instance, if your clients plan a grand entrance, set up multiple cameras with a remote shutter to capture the entry from various angles. Apply the same strategy for other first moments.

SPLENDID wedding Gallery capture the firsts

2. Look around for Smiles

In addition to the wedding couple, guests are important too. Remember you’ve to capture the joy, fun and frolic of the day. So, look around for smiles. You’ll find kids playing, friends meeting and chatting after a long time, people showing their pleasure for the wedding venue, decoration, food and bride’s dress and jewelry. If you’ll capture these hidden moments within the ceremony and reception, they will amp up the wedding album and your clients will appreciate your extra effort.

SPLENDID wedding Gallery wow moments

3. Capture the Reactions

Wedding couples love seeing their guests’ photos enjoying in their wedding. If you find guests enjoying dancing or having food or drinks, don’t miss the chance to capture those shots. Your clients will be pleased to see that everyone loved and had fun at their wedding. Your job will become easier if you work with an assistant. Instruct them to capture the “Wow!” expressions of family and other guests while you’re busy capturing the images of the bride and groom.

SPLENDID wedding Gallery

Hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful in making your assignments successful and getting more and more business. All the best!