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Pros and Cons of Photo Wedding Invites

Posted by on May 18, 2022

best wedding invitesWedding photos are the evidence of those precious moments when you get united with your beloved spouse. Pre-wedding photos can be a kind of rehearsal when you and your partner can be cozy with each other and your wedding photographer so on the actual day of wedding, you can be comfortable before the camera. Pre-wedding photos offer a great advantage because you can include them in your wedding invites. Isn’t photo wedding invites a great idea? Yes, it is! But let’s analyze how well it can work.

Pros of Photo Wedding Invites

An Innovative Idea

Photo wedding invites are some of the best wedding invites because the idea is innovative. You want your wedding to be unique. Every component of your wedding should have something new and fresh. Wedding invites can be made to look outstanding by adding your pre-wedding photos to them. Your guests are going to be pleased with your creativity and they would love the invites with your beautiful photos on them.

Innovative Idea

Introduce Your Spouse to Your Guests

Through photo wedding invites, your guests can get introduced to your spouse before your big day. Not all of your guests can see your would-be partner before your wedding. But that doesn’t mean they are not eager to know them. They are obviously curious to know how they look and how you look as a wedding couple. Their curiosity can be satisfied to some extent with the photos you include in your photo wedding invites.

Tell Your Love Story

By including your pre-wedding photos to your wedding invites, you can unroll your love story to your friends and family. You can capture photos in casual clothes that you wear while you go on dates and on locations you used to hang out, such as your favorite parks, restaurants and cafés. Let your loved ones know how your love story progressed and ultimately you decided to unite. Your photo wedding invites are perfect for this job.

Tell Your Love Story

Show Off Your Wedding Dress

You have chosen your wedding dress carefully. There is a lot of research and thought behind it. Naturally, you want your friends to see your wedding dress and give their opinions. For your friends who couldn’t accompany you on your wedding dress shopping, your photo wedding invites, especially black wedding invites, is a great way to get a glimpse of your fabulous dress. Of course, you have to capture these photos in your wedding gown besides capturing photos in casual outfits.

Know Your Photographer Better

Through pre-wedding photos that you will add to your invites, you can know the skills and temperament of your wedding photographer in a better way, even before your actual big day. This would be the right opportunity to check whether they can work as per your instructions and use their own ideas as well. Watching your photo wedding invites, your family and friends too can give their opinion on your photographer’s skills and make useful suggestions which you can apply on the wedding day to instruct your photographer and get the best out of them.

Know Your Photographer Better

Cons of Photo Wedding Invites

No Chance of Surprise

You may want to give some of your guests a surprise about how your partner looks. But through your wedding photo invites, there is no chance for such a surprise. Not all, but a few of your friends would have liked the surprise, but as your partner’s photo is on the invite, they miss the chance. Of course, this can be overcome by including only your photo! But a lot of your guests would like to see your partner too in the photo on the invites.

Thus, you can see that there are more pros of photo wedding invites than cons. So, what do you think? Will you go for photo wedding invites?