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The Hottest Trend – Proposal Photography

Posted by on November 5, 2015

proposal photographerWhen planing a big day, having a wedding photographer (and videographer) is a must, right? But, what about proposing to your future spouse? It’s even more special and personal moment, so why don’t you capture it? Proposal photography is the hottest trend because people are starting to understand what an important day it is in their lives. I’ve asked a successful proposal photographer NYC to tell me something more about his field of interest. Here’s what I have found out!

The first thing about proposal photography is that you need to be discreet and hiding as a paparazzo to capture the moment someone pops a question; nobody (except for the one who drops on his knees) should know you were there.

The proposal has to be planned well in advance. Of course, we’re not talking about weeks and months (save yourself for planning the big day), but you need to have a good strategy and plan. You shouldn’t rob a bank to make everything special, luxurious and perfect. Let’s get back to the basics: you need a lovely location which means something to you and a photographer who knows your plan. Think about the place you’ve met for the first time, the cafe you’ve went on your first date or something like that.

Sometimes the guy doesn’t want a proposal photographer to hide in a nearby bush or his girlfriend might freak out if she found out she had been photographed without makeup on. That’s when it’s good to use a bit of creativity! For example, a guy can pretend it’s a regular photo shoot and that he wanted a photographer to capture him and his girlfriend as a couple, just like that. Once the girl finds out what was it all about, she’ll react spontaneously and the photographer will be able to capture that romantic moment!

Finally, proposal photography is not reserved for guys only. More and more girls are popping a question these days and, yes, they are even more likely to hire a proposal photographer to capture this lovely moment!