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Unique and creative wedding photography ideas

Posted by on October 14, 2014

unique wedding photography techniquesDoing wedding photography is all about capturing the joy and excitement of that special day. Too often, though, all wedding photography looks the same — identical staged shots of the couple, their wedding party, their family, and so on. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and put together a wedding album that is unlike any other! Here are a few ideas on some lesser-used techniques. Some of these techniques can be seen on Stratford Upon Avon photography section provided by Lee Glasgow Wedding Photography (Hinckley, Leicestershire).

1. Birds’ Eye View

If the photographer can get to a higher-up location, like a rooftop, a balcony, or a stable ladder, they can take some really creative photos. Imagine one with the bride and groom cuddled together on the grass, or one where every single guest all comes together to form a heart with their bodies.

Birds' Eye View

2. Frame It

Add a touch of vintage elegance with this fun display. With the new couple posing in the background, have the best man and maid of honor — or the ring bearer and flower girl — hold a beautiful empty frame in front of them to make it look like they’re in the picture.

bridesmaid and ring-bearer holding frame

3. Focus On Parts

Most wedding photos focus on the head or the whole body, but some of the most romantic pictures come from giving some other body parts a chance. Consider a close-up on interlocked fingers, a tangled pile of the happy couple’s barefoot feet, or a shot from the waist down of the two happily walking away, hand in hand.

other body parts

4. Parents

Most photos about getting ready tend to focus on groomsmen and bridesmaids, but don’t forget to include plenty of photos of Mom and Dad. Make sure and get a photo of each of the bride’s parents the first time they see their little girl in her wedding dress. That’s a photo that will bring a tear to every eye!

getting ready with parents

5. Sneaky Pre-Wedding Photos

We all know the tradition that the groom can’t see the bride until the wedding. This can make for some really fun pre-wedding photo ops! The most popular is for the bride and groom to be standing on either side of a wall, where you can see both of them but they can’t see each other. Get creative with this though — have them stand back to back, or blindfold them both.

sneaky pre-wedding photos
Taking one or two of these ideas and incorporating them into the wedding photo shoot will make the special day even more special!